Vegan Chef Ietef aka DJ CAVEM’s Bio


  Ietef aka Dj Cavem recently featured on The Rachel Ray Show, is an educator, emcee, vegan/raw food chef, producer, organic gardener, midwife, graffiti artists, Bboy yogi award winning environmental activist, the father of Eco HipHop and founder of Going Green Living Bling, and co-founder of Culinary Concerts (co-founded by Alkemia Earth) & one of the first O.G.’s (organic gardener) at the GrowHaus in Denver. For the past decade, Dj Cavem has been using his music (Environmental HipHop) as a platform the educate and spark the conversations around environmental and food justice issues, as well as bringing the “farm to table” message with urban farming, and pushing plant-based foods and holistic health. 2014 Music Educator Grammy Nominated DJ Cavem was also featured in Oprah Magazine, Yes! Magazine, for my award winning curriculum, which is an album called “The Produce Section”. An award-winning, Eco-HipHop curriculum, produced by Mastermind Green For All” Fellow featuring collaborative works with artists that work in the sustainability and health field. This curriculum introduces healthy plant-based recipes, the six steps to community organizing and leadership, green job development, urban organic farming, holistic health care. “The Produce Section” serves as a continuation of the Going Green Living Bling curriculum The Produce Section is taught to youth sparking intergenerational conversation on the subjects of holistic health, quality food access, and HipHop (Higher Inner Peace, Helping Other People aka Health Inside People, Health Outside People). Educating over 7k inner-city children on the topics to include urban/ancient agriculture, farming, fresh food access, organic gardening, hip hop yoga, and plant based eating. In his final project, he produced a music video, Brown Rice and Broccoli, which was a direct response (in the most healthiest ways of course) to the recent mainstream hit, Hot Cheetos and Takis. The Produce Section is used in many schools, as it introduces the topics of Food Justice and Organic Gardening. He is co-author of the upcoming book Damn Near Raw- The Freshest Vegan Cookbook Ever. His new single entitled, “Hybrid Lex”, sparks the subject around air pollution off his next album, entitled “Eco-Twerk” coming soon. His recent video on Huffington Post FB page received over 18M views, and also been featured by Fortune, TEDx Manhattan, performing at the White House and Staring in the documentary film called From Gangs to Gardens. A short documentary that premiered at The Hollywood Film Festival, and was nominated for the Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA), and also retrieved distribution on Fubu Tv and Virgin Airlines. Dj Cavem was also featured in Joes Cross’s new film, “The Kids Menu”, which can be streamed on Netflix.

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